Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easy Easter Paper Collage

I saw a really cute Easter craft on Pinterest from Julep that used strips of pretty paper glued on a white sheet of paper. Then, another white sheet of paper was glued on top with an egg shape cut out. It was a simple project that produce nice results, but Miss Bubbles is not ready to cut in straight lines yet. She is still learning how to properly hold scissors and cut, so I decided to simplify the project to accommodate her current level of development.

I simply let Miss Bubbles cut and sometimes tear shapes out of paper and glue them to a white sheet of paper using basic school glue. She spent an hour meticulously cutting and glueing little bits of colored paper to the white sheet of paper. I took another sheet of white paper and cut out a hole in the shape of an egg. When Miss Bubbles was done with her collage, I glue the second sheet of paper on top of the first sheet of paper.

Miss Bubbles is very proud of her egg. The egg came out bring and colorful, and Miss Bubbles got to practice scissor cutting skills.


construction paper or other colored paper
school glue
2 sheets of white paper


1. Cut or tear bits of colored paper.
2. Paste the colored paper on the first sheet of white paper.
3. Cut out a hole in the second sheet of paper in the shape of an egg.
4. Past the egg hole paper on top of the collage paper.
5. Allow the egg to dry and enjoy!
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