Friday, September 9, 2011

Microscope pictures of sea shells from Lake Michigan

Last week we visited Lake Michigan, so Little BBQ picked up a few tiny sea shells at the beach that were perfect for looking at under his microscope. I have had a few questions lately about what type of microscope we use at home. We use a Bresser Junior Digital Hand Microscope that can be purchased at Toys R Us. The microscope has terrible reviews on-line, but we have been very happy with the microscope. The microscope takes pictures at either 20x or 200x zoom. There is no eye piece to look through to focus the image because the image shows up on your computer screen making it much easier for a parent to teach a child how to focus a microscope. There are multiple light settings including white, red (Little BBQ's favorite), and red and white together. To capture an image you just click the blue button on top of the microscope. From there you can save the image to your computer. Little BBQ has found the microscope very easy to use. We use windows, and we have had no problems loading or using the software. For less than $20 I consider this microscope a steal.

Here are some images of his sea shells:

Taken at 20x magnification:
Taken at 200x magnification:
More shells:

Little BBQ's favorite setting with the red light:


  1. What other kind of microscope parts is that microscope lacking besides the eye piece. Been looking to get one for my daughter for a while. It is good to know that the online reviews are not to be believed.

  2. Compared to a light microscope, this microscope does not have a base, stage, arm, or clips. The microscope is designed so your sample does not need to fit on a small stage which is really nice. For example, I can take a picture of the wood grain on my desk without having to chip off a small sample.


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