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Free Homeschooling Curriculum, Textbooks, and Resources

It seems like everyone these days is trying to save some money, so I have been working on compiling a list of free homeschooling curriculum, textbooks, and general resources. I hope you find this list as useful as I do. Please leave me a comment if you know of any other free homeschooling resources.

Charlotte Mason Style Curriculum: these curriculums will require you to get books from the library and possibly buy a few texts (usually math)

1. Milestone Academy
2. Ambleside
3. Matter Amabilis for Catholics
4. Simply Charlotte Mason

Other Curriculum and General Textbooks

1. Old Fashioned Education
2. Core Knowledge
3. Free Ed
4. Kahn Academy*
5. YouTube Channels for Education*
6. Power my learning
7. Lesson Plans from Denver Museum
8. Lesson Pathways
9. Academic Earth*
10. Apples 4 Teachers (K-6)
11. SAS Curriculum Pathways: Variety of topics covered (registration required)


1. Chubby Cubbie Curriculum
2. Starfall*
3. Kinder Printables
4. First School
5. Little Little Otter Preschool Science: The Human Body

US Constitution

1. Hillsdale College

Language Arts

1. My Audio School
2. Parts of a Story: early elementary
3. Writing for College: high school

American History

1. Early America
2. National Archives
3. Digital History
4. U.S. History
5. Outline of US History
6. History Matters: The U.S. Survey Course on the Web: high school level with lots of primary documents
7. American Heritage: Excellent on line magazine written by top historians on a wide range of topics; subscription required to view full website although there is a healthy amount of free resources on this site
8. Historical Thinking Matters: 4 unit studies (Rosa Parks, Spanish American War, Scopes Trial, and Social Security) on thinking critically using primary historical documents
9. Exploring US History: supplementary exercises on US History
10. Civil War Unit Study: elementary, middle, high school, and gifted and talented
11. Guest Hollow: includes schedule, book list, and supplementary materials list; one curriculum for grades 2-6 and a second one for 2-8

Social Studies

1. Making Sense of Oral History: high school level but mature middle year students could benefit from this resource
Go Social Studies
2. World History
3. Historical Games
4. Lang Media
5. A Survey of Modern European History
6. Europe in Retrospect
7. Kings and Queens of England: late elementary level
8. echo: exploring and collecting history online-science, technology, and industry: large collection of articles on the history of science and technology
9. Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web: excellent full length book written in plain language for the budding history enthusiast
10. Women in World History: curriculum for high school students
11. World History Sources: Unit studies about world history topics using primary resources
12. Children and Youth in History: Unit studies about children all over the world in different time periods
13. Making the History of 1989: Unit studies to explore communism in Eastern Europe
14. Smithsonian Folklife and Oral History Interviewing Guide: This resource is great for even younger students with parent's help
15. Guest Hollow: Ancient History: Supplementary literature based approach for grades 2-6

Current Events

1. History News Network:* This website is not a curriculum or textbook instead it is a current events web site that puts current events into historical perspective for high school students


1. Making Music Fun
2. Music in Math, Science, and Literature
3. The Piano Student: free music curriculum including recorder lessons
4. Lesson Plans from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
5. Vh1 Lesson Plans: also includes past shows
6. Classical Music and the Music of the Classical Era: for primary and secondary students
7. The Music of the Romantic Era: for middle school students
8. Composing with Computers I: for advanced music students
9. Popular Musics of the World: for advanced students
10. Creating Musical Sounds: how vibrations are harnessed to make sounds and music
11. Fundamentals of Music: from MIT
12. Hip Hop: from MIT
13. Music in Movies: for grades 7-12 from ReadWriteThink (takes about 2 hours to complete)
14. Music from Across America: for grades 3-5
15. Free Music Drills: from eMusicTheory
16. Levy Sheet Music: all sheet music from before 1923 are in public domain and free
17. Free Music Quizzes, Games, and Worksheets
18. Listen by Instrument: for young children


1. Drawing
2. Performing Arts in Art: K-12 focusing on four themes: art and accessibility to music, art and ancient tradition of storytelling, art and depiction of dance, art and influence of theatre
3. Art Unit Studies for Elementary Students: covers a wide range of topics and mediums
4. Kinder Art: free art lesson plans for K-12
5. Artyfactory: free art lessons for older students includes art lessons, design lessons, and art history
6. Artists and Their Art: Sharing Visual Stories: 10 free lessons for grades 1-7
7. Lesson Plans from The Metropolitan Museum of Art: grades K-12
8. Lesson Plans from Smithsonian American Art Museum
9. Incredible Art Department: lessons for preschool-12


1. TED Videos
3. Biology: late elementary to middle school level
  Gray's Anatomy*
4. Human Physiology
5. Anatomy and Physiology of Animals
4. Electronic Book of Dermatology
5. On Line Biology Book
6. Physics
7. Physics Study Guide
8. Modern Physics
9. This Quantum World
9. Origin of Species: Classic text from Charles Darwin
10. High School Earth Science
11. Proteomics
12. Engineering Acoustics
13. Acoustics
14. Otter Elementary Science: The Human Body: Literature based approach for grades 2-6
15. Big Otter Science: The Human Body: Literature based approach for high school students
16. Otter Science: Chemistry: Literature based approach for grades 2-6
17. Otter Science: Physics: Scroll down the page to download
18. Solar System Unit Study


1. Psychology 101
2. ePsych
3. Psychology: An Introduction 
4. Laughing: A Psychology of Humor
5. Party-Directed Mediation
6. Research Methods Knowledge Base
7. Old Age Psychiatry
8. The Many Faces of Psychological Research in the 21st Century
9. Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
10. Lucid Dreaming
11. Consciousness Studies


1. GeoGebra (downloadable program for Algebra and Geometry)
2. Homeschool Math
3. The Math
4. Mathematical Writing: advanced high school level textbook
5. Otter Math: Pre Algebra: Scroll down the page to download

Computer Science

1. Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation
2. C# Programming
3. Java Programming


1. Principles of Accounting
2. Accounting I
3. Accounting II
4. Bean Counter's Free Accounting & Bookkeeping Tutorial Site
5. Management Accounting Concepts and Techniques


1. Business Writing
2. Corporate Finance: 2nd Edition: not compatible with Internet Explorer
3. Democratizing Innovation
4. Industrial Organization, a Contract Based Approach
5. Innovation Happens Elsewhere: Open Source as Business Strategy
6. Managing the New Frontiers: An Introduction to the Fundamentals
7. The Principles of Scientific Management

Practical Life

1. First Aid
2. Dance Mat Typing

Bible Study

1. The Lives of Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints

Grade Level Specific 

1. Second Grade Curriculum: need to register to get full access

Homeschool Management Software

1. LearnBoost
2. Homeschool Skedtrack
3. Homeschool Tracker

Study Guides

1. Sample questions for AP exams

Photo taken by Ivan Prole. Copyright free image. See here for details.


  1. nice idea.. thanks for posting.

  2. Excellent resources! I would note that the Hillsdale College webcasts on the Constitution have a clear political slant. I have received their newsletter for years. Hillsdale is an institution committed to an inflexibly conservative view of history, economics, politics, culture, and social issues. This isn't the forum to make the case for why this is problematic; I just thought everyone should know in advance - for better or worse.


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