Thursday, June 14, 2012

Designing Olympic Uniforms and the Olympic Village

We have been studying the upcoming Olympics here at our house. One of the things we discussed a lot was what being on a team meant since this year was the first time that Little BBQ played on a team with other kids. We discussed both the obvious things like uniforms and the more interpersonal stuff that team members do for each other. To celebrate team work we designed our own Olympic uniforms for team USA. This was also a nice introduction to fashion design. We discussed the different types of neck lines in a shirt. Little BBQ informs me that he likes V-neck shirts the most. We made a liquid water color background in sunset colors. 
Then, we cut out uniforms from scrap fabric. Next, Little BBQ drew a female and male for each of the uniforms. We pasted construction paper grass on the sunset back ground along with the athletes. Little BBQ added some details with tempura paints like the Olympic rings at the upper left hand corner of the page.

We also designed out own Olympic village out of a shallow card board box. The houses for athletes are represented by Legos®. Little BBQ got really into this project. He made a track, a pool, food carts, buses to transport the athletes, a river, and a soccer field. We discussed where different Olympic events would be held at his Olympic village. He also told me that there would be lots of carrots served at his Olympic village so the athletes can grow up big and strong.

Materials for Olympic Uniforms

2 sheets sketch paper
Liquid water colors
Oil pastels
Ball point pen
Scrap fabric
Green construction paper
Buttons and other accessories
Tempera paints


1.       Using the liquid water colors, paint a background on one of the sketch papers. Allow the back ground to dry.
2.       Draw two athletes on the second piece of sketch paper with oil pastels. Set the athletes aside.
3.       Using a ball point pen, draw the Olympic uniform on the reverse side of the fabric.
4.       Cut out the Olympic uniform and glue it on the oil pastel athlete.
5.       Cut around the two athletes. Set the athletes aside.
6.       Cut grass out of the green construction paper.
7.       Glue the grass on the back ground.
8.       Glue the athletes on the grass.
9.       Glue accessories to the Olympic uniforms.
10.   Using tempera paints, add extra details.

Materials for Box Assemblage Olympic Village

Shallow box without a lid
Crayons, oil pastel, tempura paints


1.       In pencil, lightly sketch the layout of the Olympic village.
2.       Place the Legos® to represent buildings.
3.       Decorate the Olympic village with crayons, oil pastels, and paint.

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