Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Box Assemblage

This week for math Little BBQ has been working on the concept of enclosure. For a young learner, “enclosure is when objects are grouped together and fenced or held together as a unit” such as a dozen eggs in an egg cart (Math Arts p151.) To explore this concept creatively Little BBQ made a box assemblage. We took box from my canning jars and went outside. Little BBQ was allowed to collect outside objects to place inside of his assemblage (a 3-D collage.) As we were gluing the objects inside of his box we discussed the fact that all the items inside the box are now together as a unit instead of a single leaf or rock they are a unit composed of lots of leaves, rocks, sticks, and grass. We also brainstormed other things that come as unit like eggs, bags of apples, and berries inside of boxes. Overall, the project was a lot of fun. I think this is a fun way to creatively learn about enclosure.

Math Art

Materials (modified from Math Arts p 163)

A cardboard box
Small objects to put inside the box (we used items from nature)


1. Choose the small objects to be placed inside the enclosure.

2. Place the objects inside the box.

3. Rearrange the items until the young artist is satisfied with arrangement.

4. Glue the objects inside the box.

5. Display the assemblage in a special place.

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