Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Field Trip: Indianapolis Museum of Art

I am very proud of Little BBQ. We went on our first field trip with our homeschooling group. He was very well behaved at the museum. One of the coolest things about the Indianapolis Museum of Art is that you can take as many pictures as you want as long as you don’t use a flash. The only exception is that no photos are allowed to be taken on the Contemporary Art floor. I gave Little BBQ one our old cameras so he take pictures just like all the big kids in the group. Four families went on the field trip and Little BBQ was the youngest member of the group. The other kids were all in middle and high school. The oldest member of the group did an amazing job of taking Little BBQ under his wing. He showed Little BBQ how to use his camera and made sure that he stood still on the escalators while I pushed Miss Bubbles in her stroller on the elevators.

I am also impressed that Little BBQ managed to get a few photos that were not too blurry. All of the photos contained in this blog post were taken by Little BBQ. We started off the day walking through the gardens where some outdoor art was displayed. Then we ate our picnic lunch and viewed all of the indoor art. Everything in the Indianapolis Museum of Art is free of charge except for special exhibits. When we went there were no special exhibits, so it cost nothing except for gas on the long trip there and back.

Little BBQ liked the African pots the best. He kept telling me they were dirt. After we got home armed with Little BBQ’s pictures we flipped through them and discussed what he saw at the museum. We looked at map of where the different artifacts were from that Little BBQ photographed. We also looked at his garden pictures. I asked him what he liked about each of his pictures. He seems to gravitate towards things with lots of color so he took several flower pictures. Of course there were the mandatory self portraits of his feet, shirt, and face that come with every batch of pictures taken by a three year old, but overall I was impressed with his ability to take pictures.

For other homeschooling parents of young children I urge, no beg you, to join a homeschooling group. It probably has been the best decision that we have made so far in our homeschooling journey. Joining a group allows your child to interact with people of all ages. One of the mothers in my homeschooling group commented that she loves that her high school son can comfortably interact with 3 year olds to 40 year olds because he is constantly interacting with people of all ages. For Little BBQ on this trip the older kids taught him to respectfully enjoy art and use a camera. I hope one day that Little BBQ can return the favor to a younger homeschooling student one day. Posted below are more pictures that Little BBQ took on his trip.

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  1. Are you in Indy? Its amazing who you can find through other bloggers. We are in Avon. We love this place! Especially the free price tag. I love taking pictures of my kids on the grounds,with those big number sculptures, but they are not allowing it any more :(
    What HS group are you in?


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