Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Color Wheel

This week Little BBQ has been studying the color wheel. I made a simple color wheel template by tracing the bottom of a cup six times in the shape of a circle. Then, I gave Little BBQ paints in the three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. I instructed him on which colors we were going to put in each circle and allowed him to choose the order that he painted his color wheel. When it came to the mixed colors, we talked about how the secondary colors are made from the primary colors.

He did well with the project. At first, he did not understand why we going to mix the colors. He wanted me to give him his entire paint set and just let him free paint, but I explained to him that we were going to try something different today. We also did a test run on a piece of scrap paper to show him that he needed to paint within the lines. Overall, he did well. He got a bit out of control with the red, but that is to be expected at age 3. Little BBQ was really proud of this project; he hung his color wheel up in his room.

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