Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book: Doggone Dogs

Little BBQ has requested a project using clay, so I decided to use clay in our story time activity. Doggone Dogs by Karen Beaumont is quickly become one of our favorite books in our house. The book reads very quickly so even Miss Bubbles can sit through it, and it has a lot of fun rhyming words to keeps the rhythm of the book fast paced. The illustrations are very silly. Every time I read the book, Little BBQ notices something new about one of the illustrations every time making this book great to read over and over. This is one of the most request books in our house for read aloud, and Little BBQ enjoys reading this book silently. I love the versatility of the book. For our story time activity we make dogs out of clay. I showed Little BBQ step by step how to make the dog with the red clay, and he followed along with the yellow clay. Little BBQ is very proud of his dogs. He will not let anyone touch his dogs. I think I see more clay projects in our future.

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