Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book: Imaginary Garden

Spring is here at is raining…a lot. With the warmer weather the kids and I are anxious to get outside and get our hands dirty in the garden, but Mother Nature has had other plans for us.  To quell our desire to be outside we indulged ourselves into fantasy land with the book, The Imaginary Garden, by Andrew Larsen. The book is about a little girl and her grandfather. The little girl loves her grandfather’s flower garden, but her grandfather moves to an apartment where he can no longer garden. To recreate the grandfather’s garden the pair decide to take a trip down fantasy lane and paint a picture of their ideal garden. As the season goes on the pair update the picture with more blooms.
Since we have already placed our seed order for the season, we did not need our seed catalogues anymore. Instead of throwing the seed catalogue away, Little BBQ was allowed to cut pictures from the catalogue and make his own imaginary garden.  I was nervous about letting him use big boy scissors for the first time instead of toddler scissors, but he did well with the transition.


  1. That sounds like a good book! Thanks for sharing!

    Peace to you,

  2. I have had the kids make collages with seed catalogs the past two year too! While my kids are not interested in methodically deciding what we're going to plant, they love helping me plan by making collages of things they'd like to grow.


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