Friday, April 15, 2011

Field Trip: Indian Woodland Settlement at Prophetstown State Park

We decided as a family to take a field trip out to Prophetstown State Park to see the Indian Woodland Settlement so Little BBQ can learn about the woodland Indians lived. Briefly, the settlement was started by Tenskwautawaw and Tecumseh1. The brothers left an Ohio Shawnee settlement to start a new Native American Confederation that rejected a trade based lifestyle1. Instead they focused on communal land and the old ways of living1; Tenskwautawaw was the medicine man for the community2. Tecumseh was a warrior leader who visions of creating an Indian nation that spanned from the great lakes to Mexico; Tecumseh was a sympathetic warrior who did not believe in unnecessary torture3.  
Randomly, we learned that the closer you lived to the center of the settlement, then the more important you are within the settlement.  Little BBQ got to sit inside a replica of a sweat lodge, and he got to see the living quarters for a common woodland Indian.
Council House:
Medicine Lodge:
Typical house and meat preparing areas:
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  1. This looks like a fantastic field trip! I learned a lot from reading about your experience! Thank you for sharing on NOBH! Have a blessed week!


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